Normal Range:0~50 mg/m3
Maximum Overload:100 mg/m3
Sensitivity:0.15±0.05μA/mg/m3 (4-Series)
Sensitivity :   0.15±0.10μA/mg/m3 (7-Series)
Response Time(T90): ≤60s
Zero Signal: <±0.4μA
Resolution:0.3 mg/m3
Linearity:linear up to 50 mg/m3
Bias Voltage: +300 mV

Release of 4-Series & 7-Series THT sensor

After spending a great amount of time to verify the long-term stability and other technical features, SemeaTech is pleased to announce the official release of 4-Series & 7-Series THT sensor.  SemeaTech strongly believes this new sensor is capable of providing the most accurate, effective and economical tool in the market to detect THT gas.