Welcome to Sombol Safety – Your Trusted Partner in Hazardous Material Detection

At Sombol Safety, we take pride in being the exclusive distributor for SemeaTech electrochemical sensors in Europe. Based in the UK, our team boasts extensive expertise in gas detection applications, catering to a diverse range of industries including Oil & Gas, Water and Power Utilities, Food and Beverage, Specialty Gases, and Mining.

Why SemeaTech? Because at the heart of our solutions lies the innovation and precision of SemeaTech, a global leader in sensing technologies. Founded in Los Angeles, USA, and Shanghai, China, by a team of scientists and engineers with unparalleled experience, SemeaTech is dedicated to advancing hazardous material detection for work safety and environmental protection.

Our Commitment:

·         Unmatched Expertise: With years of hands-on experience, Sombol Safety understands the intricacies of gas detection applications across various industries. We bring this knowledge to the forefront to provide you with tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

·         Exclusive Distribution: As the exclusive distributor for SemeaTech electrochemical sensors in Europe, we bring cutting-edge technology to your doorstep. SemeaTech's commitment to quality and innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission to deliver top-notch safety solutions.

·         Global Innovation: SemeaTech's global footprint, with roots in both the United States and China, ensures that our clients benefit from a fusion of diverse perspectives and a wealth of technological advancements. Together, we strive to set new standards in sensing technologies.

·         Industry Focus: From Oil & Gas to Water and Power Utilities, Food and Beverage, Specialty Gases, and Mining, Sombol Safety caters to a wide array of industries. Our solutions are designed to enhance safety measures, protect the environment, and ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.

At Sombol Safety, we don't just offer products; we provide peace of mind. Explore our range of cutting-edge gas detection solutions and experience the pinnacle of safety technology. Partner with us, and let's create a safer, more secure future together.

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